Standby Power & UPS

One-call solution for all Facility Management

Keeping you online when you’re off-grid

The importance of a continual uninterrupted power supply to every business is vital for day to day function. FM 24/7 Support can service and repair your existing generators, dc systems and uninterrupted power supply systems ranging from a single system  to a multi ups system with backup standby power and DC Battery systems. Your maintenance package will be bespoke to your business.

Our technical knowledge ensures  you will be in safe hands knowing that, in the event of a power failure your businesses continuity, critical systems and information will not be affected. Generator power plant servicing, off and on load testing, dc battery load testing and renewal are all part of our service contract designed around your business.

We specialise in pre planned shut downs for critical part replacement and servicing using portable generators to maintain your prone suppliers giving complete peace of mind.

We offer:

  • UPS system servicing
  • UPS system battery replacement
  • 50 volt DC system servicing
  • DC system battery load testing
  • DC system battery renewal
  • generator sets servicing as repair